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At THE GINZA, we guarantee truly unforgettable encounters with the epitome of Tokyo’s elegance. Our sophisticated and intelligent women, hailing from prestigious professions and high social standing, ensure not just beauty but also a matchless experience that justifies your valuable time and investment.

Class and Charm

Discover the Enchanting World of Real Tokyo Girls.

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Select a chat app below or use our online form to book. Please have your escort's name or ID, and desired date and time ready. Clicking an icon leads to QR codes for easy access.
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YURI gave me a special experience. She has given me unparalleled joy and truly made me feel valuable. YURI is so elegant and intelligent that I believe anyone would be captivated by her. Beautiful and gorgeous, she exudes an amazing fragrance. I want to meet her again.

-Danny 2023.12.7

Meeting AYAKA for the first time today was a delightful experience. She is a fun companion, her personality is wonderful, and her service was excellent. She radiates warmth and affection, and being with her is truly enjoyable. AYAKA is truly lovely.

-A.T. 2023.11.28

To be honest, I was very worried about what kind of woman would appear. However, the moment the beautiful and charming Remina embraced me, all my worries were forgotten. Remina took me to the moon and to new destinations. Oh, after my tired head touched the pillow last night, Remina was definitely with me in my dreams.

-James 2023.11.14

Ranko: An incredible woman to converse with, possessing an amazing figure. She understands exactly how to fulfill her customers' desires. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to see her again.

-M 2023.11.8

Today was my first encounter with Rumi, and she provided delightful companionship. Her personality is endearing, and the service was outstanding. Rumi radiates warmth and affection, making her an absolute joy to spend time with. She is truly lovely.

-Karl 2023.11.5

Spending time with Ayano was a delightful experience! Her attentiveness surpasses that of a girlfriend. In her presence, you feel like the only person in the world, as she focuses solely on your needs and comfort.

-Danny 2023.10.28

A Saturday night well spent with SAKURA in Tokyo. She's cheeky and down-to-earth, offering great conversation and an impressive behind! You're indeed a very lucky man to have the chance to see a girl like her!

-Chris 2023.10.16

Fees by Grade

Please note that we only accept cash payments. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
IMPORTANT: We've noticed some guests mistakenly understand our prices. Please double-check the fee. We kindly ask for your attention to avoid any misunderstandings.

At our establishment, we have arranged three pricing categories - 'Standard', 'Premium', and 'Fabulous', based on the unique attributes of our staff, such as their profession, affiliation, career history, and exclusivity. Each category has been designed to cater to the various preferences and requirements of our clientele.

Grade Standard
Starting from 150 thousand YEN for our Grade Standard service.

Our Standard grade showcases our staff's striking beauty, unique atmosphere, and charismatic personalities. While this is our standard grade, it features women whose dazzling appeal is highly sought after and top-class in the escort industry.




An extra 20min.60,000Yen

Grade Premium
Starting from 200 thousand YEN for our Grade Premium service.

Just like a rare flower that blooms only once a year for a few hours, our Premium grade features women with dream-like beauty and eroticism that captivate anyone. They are our special grade cast that we take great pride in.




An extra 20min.100,000Yen

Grade Fabulous
Starting from 300 thousand YEN for our Grade Fabulous service.

This is our most prestigious course, where you get to experience moments of incomparable allure and elegance. Our Fabulous grade features the crème de la crème, including active celebrities and extraordinarily special women.


Please note, prices vary depending on the escort. For detailed pricing, kindly inquire with us.

transportation fee,etc.


Our escort service is available throughout the 23 districts of Tokyo.

Please note that there will be a travel fee for the escort's journey to your location. The cost of this fee can vary depending on the location of the rendezvous. Rest assured, the travel fee will be transparently communicated before the confirmation of your reservation.


Please note that we ONLY accept payments made in CASH.

Kindly ensure to provide the payment to the escort in cash prior to your session.

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Service Guide


Browse through our website and select the escort that catches your eye.


Provide us with the name of your chosen escort, the desired date and time for the service, and your contact information through the contact form on our website or via chat Apps for reservations.


We will send you an email confirming the escort, date, time, and fee. Your booking is confirmed upon your agreement to the details provided.


Your chosen escort will arrive at your hotel room at the agreed upon date and time. Please be prepared to pay the fee in cash. Take a moment to refresh yourself in the shower, ensuring a comfortable experience for both you and the escort. Once the escort arrives, changes or cancellations are not allowed.


Treat your escort with kindness and respect, as if she were your partner. Make the most out of your time together.


After the service, we invite you to provide feedback on your experience. Your opinions help us continually improve and provide the best service possible.

Select a chat app below or use our online form to book. Please have your escort's name or ID, and desired date and time ready. Clicking an icon leads to QR codes for easy access.
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Terms of Use

Upon utilizing our services, you acknowledge your acceptance of these guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with them before making a booking.

- Payment is accepted in cash only.

- Upon arrival of the escort, changes or cancellations are not permitted.

We reserve the right to refuse service to customers who meet any of the following conditions:

- You are under 18 years of age or a high school student.

- You are in a state of inebriation.

- You are suffering from sexually transmitted or other infectious diseases.

- You decline to make payment upfront.

- You engage in unauthorized photography or voyeuristic activities with camera-equipped electronic devices.

- You request BDSM or excessively perverse behaviors.

- You insist on using equipment or instruments not sanctioned by us.

- You exhibit behaviors that our staff find objectionable.

- You verbally or physically abuse or threaten our escorts.

- You attempt to initiate sexual intercourse or personal relationships outside the service with our escorts.

- You have affiliations or associations with organized crime.

- You use substances prohibited by law.

- You are unable to provide facilities with adequate shower and sanitation at your location.

- Our staff determine that there is an unauthorized third party at your location or in the same room.

- You move from the agreed location without prior consent.

- You utilize the room when we are unable to establish contact with you.

- You are judged by our staff as inappropriate for any other reasons.

These terms are crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all parties involved. Please adhere to them to maintain the quality of our services.